Welcome to join the Zhejiang Wanma polymer material co ltd! If you are interested in the position of our company, we can contact the human resources department of our company according to the following procedures and requirements:

First, you need to provide the following materials:

1, education certificate, Id photocopy, resume, cover material, related professional certificate, two inch 2 photo and contact;

2, candidates will be deposited in the company's talent pool, will not be returned;

To send data:

Address: Zhejiang Qingshan Lake Economic Development Zone South Ring Road No. 63 Zhejiang Wanma mromolecule material Limited

Zip code: 311305


Tel: 0571-63755146

Contact: Miss Wang

Two, you can apply for:

1, online submission of personal resume;

2, send your resume to the human resources department of our company by mail or E-mail;

3, to participate in our company held in various parts of the special recruitment.

Three, the admission process:

1, the human resources department of audit materials, if meet the recruitment conditions, within two weeks by telephone or E-mail inform the applicant interview;

2, candidates to participate in my company interview;

3, if hired, 10 working days to send a notice of the telephone;

4, the two sides signed the "employment agreement".

Four, recruitment principles and ways: my company in the "fair, open and fair" principle, in strict accordance with the "social, open recruitment, strict examination, merit based" way of selecting talents.