The company has a provincial R&D center for polymer cable insulation materials, a provincial enterprise research institute for polymer new materials, a provincial enterprise technology center, and CNAS certified laboratory, with an experts team dedicating in new materials R&D. The company is equipped with world-class professional experimental and testing equipments and conducts cooperation with Chinese well-known universities and research institutes, such as East China University of Science and Technology, Zhejiang University, Sichuan University etc. Through the industry-university-research cooperation, the company has explored a series of core technologies with long-term significance for the industry, and key technologies with independent intellectual property rights, including “Modification technology of plastic”, “Water-tree retardant technology”, “Carbon black dispersion technology” etc. The company also has obtained a number of national invention patents, including “After Soaking Process of cable material”, “Insulation material of HVDC power cable”, “Water-tree retardant insulation material” etc., leading the technology of cable material industry.


The company has CNAS certified laboratorys and equipped with  professional experimental and testing equipments.


    Extraordinary quality from first-class production equipment. In order to achieve the grand goal of environmental protection and new materials leader.


           Wanma Macromolecule has always attached importance to quality management. The company has obtained IATF16949 certificate, ISO9001 quality management system certificate, ISO14001 environment management system certificate and ISO45001 health and safety management system certificate etc.


      Wanma with excellent product quality won the multi agency approval, Wanma complies with the development of the market and industry trends, and actively explore and guide the development of new ideas and innovative ways of working, in the integration of the two ideas under the guidance of the whole industry chain, to promote the quality of enterprise products control ability and service ability of new capacity building.