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The Ministry of planning letter to visit our song director Wanma


The morning of June 14, 2016, the Ministry of planning letter to visit our song director Wanma, Kazuma shares chairman He Ruoxu, Wanma general manager Shen Weikang and other leaders to give a warm reception.

First of all, the first visit to the ultra-high pressure workshop, Shen, director of the focus on the development of ultra high pressure. During Song Dynasty, the Song Dynasty also put forward a lot of technical issues related to wire and cable materials and the development prospects of wire and cable materials, the two sides in the process of a thorough discussion.

Then, visit the low smoke halogen-free workshop, production director Chang Yusheng company Intelligent Manufacturing Practice and future development are briefly introduced. The Song Dynasty, expressed strong support for the cyclones, will constantly development and demand on cyclones better, long-term development of enterprises.

Finally, a pedestrian to visit the new energy charging cable.