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The State Ministry of raw material industries to visit our pan, Wanma


In June 6, 2016, the national Ministry of industry and the Ministry of raw materials in the group led by the Secretary of the general manager of the group, the general manager Shen Weikang, accompanied by the polymer tour guide.

Pan is a new polymer material research and industrial automation information mainly visited the experimental center, exhibition hall, ultra high pressure and low smoke halogen-free workshop; general manager, production manager Shen Polymer Research Institute, deputy general manager Yang Zhang, Director General Chang, director of quality production to total accompanied visit and introduces the development of polymer research and development of new materials industry, information automation.

Then, a pedestrian to attend lectures Kazuma cable new material. Pan, from the industry status quo and development environment, the supply side structural reform, the importance of the petrochemical industry supply side reform focus, vigorously develop new chemical materials and other four aspects about the petrochemical industry supply side reform.